\Welcome Dungeons & Draugr fans!

As of now the Races are all in game! I tested all of them myself to be sure, there were no CTD's. I can not wait either. 

- Argonians increased swim speeds. Added claws for 10 unarmed damage. - Khajiit swim speeds drastically decreased. Land speed increased. -Dark Elves now have Dark Vision for 120 seconds, just like Khajiit Nighteye. Ancestor Guardian still in development. -Redguard now have a 25% Weakness to magic which shows red in active effects. Increased base Stamina. Adrenaline rush needs a better description than vanilla. -Wood Elves now have cannibalism to follow the Green Pact.  -Orismer have a 25% Weakness to poison which shows up red in active effects to stand out from Magic. -Need Traits for Reachmen to stand out from Breton. -All male and female heights changed. 

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