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    Developer Journal Entry 2

    September 24, 2014 by SnippyChris

    \Welcome Dungeons & Draugr fans!

    As of now the Races are all in game! I tested all of them myself to be sure, there were no CTD's. I can not wait either. 

    - Argonians increased swim speeds. Added claws for 10 unarmed damage. - Khajiit swim speeds drastically decreased. Land speed increased. -Dark Elves now have Dark Vision for 120 seconds, just like Khajiit Nighteye. Ancestor Guardian still in development. -Redguard now have a 25% Weakness to magic which shows red in active effects. Increased base Stamina. Adrenaline rush needs a better description than vanilla. -Wood Elves now have cannibalism to follow the Green Pact.  -Orismer have a 25% Weakness to poison which shows up red in active effects to stand out from Magic. -Need Traits for Reachmen t…

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  • SnippyChris

    Developer Journal Entry 1

    September 13, 2014 by SnippyChris


    Today was a fullfilling day! We were able to have Argonians , and Altmer both reflect their profiles in the Adventurer's Manual and In-Game descriptions. Which means the following changes were made to Argonians:

    • +10 Destruction
    • +5 Speech
    • +5 Illusion
    • +5 Conjuration
    • +5 Restoration
    • +5 Enchanting

    Altmer have the following racial traits.

    Disease Resistance (50%)

    Characters with this trait have a 50% chance to resist diseases.

    (Racial) Highborn (100%)

    High Elves are born with 100 extra magicka. 

    We are currently making changes to Bosmer and Breton so you can look for that in the next few days. Also dont forget the comments section is open and we would love to hear what you would like to see changed or even created with this mod, Dungeons & Draug…

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  • SnippyChris

    Greetings Everyone!

    My name is Chris aka SnippyChris. I am the Admin for the wiki and I just wanted to say thank you for your interest in The Dungeons & Draugr Project. In case anyone is wondering I just want you all to know, that this is a community wiki, and if there is something you agree or disagree please feel free to make the edits, and make sure to leave in the notes why you decided to make a change. Once you have made the edit we can discuss it in the talk section of that page or if it's a huge edit then we may start a chat so the entire community can discuss it as well. I want Dungeons & Draugr to be a roleplaying framework for Elder Scrolls Based Let's Plays, Table Top Games, and Even fan fiction. So of course I want everyones inp…

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