Redguard is a playable character race in Dungeons & Draugr Roleplaying Mod


The Redguards originated from the continent of Yokuda, far to Tamriel’s west. They are renowned sword masters and forged an empire on Yokuda to rival Tamriel’s own. Following a disaster which destroyed most of their homeland, the emigrated east to Tamriel, where they landed on Hammerfell. In Hammerfell, Redguard society split into two main camps; Forebears, those who had come in the Warrior Wave to purge Hammerfell of inhabitants, and Crowns, the upper-class who had followed.

The Redguards maintain a strong tradition of sword-mastery and honor to this day, though the significant Redguard piracy presence suggests interesting definitions of honor. Redguard warriors are at their best when using their famed scimitars, typically a scimitar in one hand and a shield in the other (though there are those who fight with two scimitars, known as “dervishes”). They prefer lighter armors and cloth to heavy metal, allowing for freedom and rapidity of movement. Redguards make for strong individual warriors, though only rarely does one find a Redguard who is not part of a society or band. They are known for their strict code of battlefield ethics, preferring to fight honorably even against creatures they see as beneath them.

Most Redguards in Hammerfell have a deep distrust of magic, although magic is controversial to say the Nords, most Redguards in Hammerfell despise magic. This is understandable seeing as their homeland Yokuda, was destroyed by some very powerful magics. The Redguards have also been plagued by the horrors that the magic wielding, necromantic, grotesque slug-like Sload have terrorised the islands and shores of Hammerfell for generations, any Sload sighted must be destroyed before it can spread it's wickedness. The schools that are hated most are Conjuration, Which has the ability to raise the honoured Yokudan dead and to summon horrific creatures from the planes of Oblivion. Illusion is second most hated form of magic, because it tampers with the mind and can turn brother against brother. Many Redguards say magic is for the "wicked" and the "weak" and best left to warlocks and savages. This puts them at odds with the Bretons. Reachmen, Orcs (who use some shamanic magics) but particularly with the various Elven races of Tamriel. However despite their prejudice for magic and it's wielders, Redguards do make an exception for the healing arts of Restoration and the devastating powers of Destruction (which suits the fiery personalities of the Redguards greatly)


Height: 6'1" male, 5'9" female

Racial Boosts

  • +10 One Handed
  • +5 Destruction
  • +5 Block
  • +5 Restoration
  • +5 Light Armor
  • +5 Archery


Disease Resistance (75%)

 Characters with this trait have a chance to resist diseases up to 75%.

Poison Resistance ( 75%)

    If the character suffers poison damage after armor mitigation, reduce that damage by 75%.   

Adrenaline Rush

    (needs better description)

Redguard Group Roles

  • Tank
  • Fighter
  • Controller

Favored Class

  • Warrior
  • Ranger

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