This is about the Miniatures Game release. For the location in the Abyss, see: Demonweb Pits

System: System::Dungeons and Dragons 4e
Author: , |x|Author::x}}
Publisher: [[Publisher::Wizards of the Coast]]
Item Code: Item Code::217950000
Release Date: Publication Date::November 2008
Format: Box
Page Count: Page Count::8 miniatures
ISBN-10: 978-0-7869-4986-1
Price: $14.99 ; C$17.00
Product Blurb:
Evil drow and their demon servants battle mind flayers for control of the Underdark!

This latest D&D Miniatures Game release is designed for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game starter as well as the D&D Roleplaying Game and includes D&D characters and iconic D&D monsters.

Booster Pack Components:

- 8 randomized, fully painted, durable plastic miniatures.
- A stat card for each figure, with D&D Miniatures Game statistics on one side and D&D Roleplaying Game statistics on the other.
- A Demonweb set checklist.

This text is quoted from promotion material. Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher.

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Miniature ListEdit

This section requires expansion.

# Name Alignment Rarity Size Type Description Image
1 Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut Good
File:Dragonborn Paladin.jpg
2 Kuyutha, Exarch of Bahamut Good
File:Kuyutha Exarch.jpg
3 Halfling Archer Good
File:Halfling Archer.jpg
4 Mezzodemon Evil
5 Grinning Imp Evil
File:Grinning Imp.jpg
6 Infernal Armor Evil
File:Infernal Armor.jpg
7 Rakshasa Assassin Evil
File:Rakshasa Assassin.jpg
8 Tiefling Cleric of Asmodeus Evil
File:Tiefling Cleric.jpg
9 Vicious Bearded Devil Evil
File:Vicious Bearded Devil.jpg
10 Deathgrasp Sarcophagus Evil
File:Deathgrasp Sarcophagus.jpg
11 Drow Adventurer Evil
File:Drow Adventurer.jpg
12 Drow Demonbinder Evil
File:Drow Demonbinder.jpg
13 Lolthbound Goblin Evil
File:Lolthbound Goblin.jpg
14 Runespiral Demon Evil
File:Runespiral Demon.jpg
15 Shardsoul Slayer Evil
File:Shardsoul Slayer.jpg
16 Solamith Evil
17 Soulrider Devil Evil
File:Soulrider Devil.jpg
18 Deathlock Wight Evil
File:Deathlock Wight.jpg
19 Draegloth Favored One Evil
File:Draegloth Favored One.jpg
20 Drow Assassin Evil
File:Drow Assassin.jpg
21 Shadow Flayer Evil
File:Shadow Flayer.jpg
22 Spiderbound Drow Warrior Evil
23 Thoon Hulk Evil
File:Thoon Hulk.jpg
24 Black Dragon Lurker Evil
File:Black Dragon Lurker.jpg
25 Concord Illithid Evil
File:Concord Illithid.jpg
26 Phaseweb Spider Evil
File:Phaseweb Spider.jpg
27 Skull Lord Evil
File:Skull Lord.jpg
28 Gnoll Demon Adept Evil
File:Gnoll Demon Adept.jpg
29 Yuan-Ti Malison Incanter Evil
File:Yuan-Ti Malison Incanter.jpg
30 Ogre Pulverizer Unaligned
File:Ogre Pulverizer.jpg
31 Stormrage Blue Dragon Unaligned
File:Stormrage Blue Dragon.jpg
32 Bugbear Strangler Unaligned
File:Bugbear Strangler.jpg
33 Bugbear Warrior Unaligned
File:Bugbear Warrior.jpg
34 Human Bandit Unaligned
File:Human Bandit.jpg
35 Spiretop Drake Unaligned
File:Spiretop Drake.jpg
36 Scythejaw Unaligned
37 Autumn Wind Ranger Unaligned
File:Autumn Wind Ranger.jpg
38 Blood Slaad Unaligned
File:Blood Slaad.jpg
39 Brutal Ogre Warhulk Unaligned
File:Brutal Ogre Warhulk.jpg
40 Curse Slaad Unaligned
File:Curse Slaad.jpg
41 Cyclops Hewer Unaligned
File:Cyclops Hewer.jpg
42 Ettin Spirit-Talker Unaligned
File:Ettin Spirit-Talker.jpg
43 Minotaur Warrior Unaligned
File:Minotaur Warrior.jpg
44 Sharn Redcloak Unaligned
File:Sharn Redcloak.jpg
45 Warforged Battle Champion Unaligned
File:Warforged Battle Champion.jpg
46 Corruption Corpse Unaligned
File:Corruption Corpse.jpg
47 Hobgoblin Warcaster Unaligned
File:Hobgoblin Warcaster.jpg
48 Guard Drake Unaligned
File:Guard Drake.jpg
49 Quickling Runner Unaligned
File:Quickling Runner.jpg
50 Kruthik Hive Lord Unaligned
File:Kruthik Hive Lord.jpg
51 Troglodyte Brute Unaligned
File:Troglodyte Brute.jpg
52 Troglodyte Curse Chanter Unaligned
File:Troglodyte Curse Chanter.jpg
53 Crazed Kuo-Toa Unaligned
54 Deathcap Unaligned
55 Kruthik Adult Unaligned
File:Kruthik Adult.jpg
56 Stirge Drone Unaligned
File:Stirge Drone.jpg
57 Web Golem Unaligned
File:Web Golem.jpg
58 Dire Bear Mauler Unaligned
File:Dire Bear Mauler.jpg
59 Girallon Unaligned
60 Iron Dragon Prowler Unaligned
File:Iron Dragon Prowler.jpg

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