Orismer is a playable character race in Dungeons & Draugr Roleplaying Mod


The Orcs, sometimes known as Orsimer, are barbaric tribes found in the north of Tamriel, concentrated in High Rock’s Wrothgarian mountain range and with settlements in High Rock, Skyrim, and Hammerfell. Known for their ugly appearance (including but not limited to green or red skin, prominent tusks, and unusual facial bone structure), propensity for violence, and skill in metalcraft, the Orcs are commonly held to be the least of the races. Although officially accepted as citizens by the Cyrodiilic Empire after the events of the Warp in the West, Tamriel’s populace still holds them in low regard, especially in the northwest. With the few exceptions of those living in cities or camps, most Orcs hail from Orsinium or a Stronghold, where they are raised from birth to defend their clan and family. Also as times have progressed Stronghold Orcs have sent emissaries to other cultures to spread the word of their deity Malacath. One Race especially took a liking to the teachings and they were the "Reachmen" (See Reachmen in the race section of the Dungeons & Draugr Adventurer's Manual.)

Orcs have been bred for centuries to survive harsh conditions and constant assault, and as such have a natural proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. Their sheer physical strength makes them formidable opponents when wearing heavy armor and wielding two-handed weapons, especially when using products of their own design. Most Orcs learn to work metal from a young age, and even those who do not choose the smithing profession have better skill to maintain their equipment. Orcs hailing from wilderness Strongholds are generally more ferocious than their Orsinium cousins, who tend to have more skill as craftsmen.


Height: 6'3"

Racial Boosts

  • +10 Smithing
  • +5 Two-handed
  • +5 Heavy armor
  • +5 Block
  • +5 One-handed
  • +5 Enchanting


The Orismer have the following Traits.

Built Tough (10%)

Increase the character’s Health by10%

Magic Resistance (25%)

If the character suffers any type of magic damage after armor mitigation, reduce that damage by 25%

Weakness to Poison (25%)

This gives the Orcs a 25% weakness to poison, and all things of poisonous origins.

Group Roles

  • Tank
  • Sentinal

Favored Class

  • Paladin
  • Warrior


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