Summary Edit

Summary::A simple dungeon tomb.

This dungeon map is easy to adapt to use for any basic tomb, marked in 5 foot squares.

The steps leading into the tomb may lead down into the tomb or up into it as DM's choice.

The east-west leading stairs may also lead down into a lower section or up into a higher section as the DM's choice.

The large gray circles near the entrance may be used to represent statues, braziers, tables or other such fitting decor.

The small blueish circles throughout the tomb may be used to represent wall torches, continual flames, smaller statues or other fitting decor.

The alcoves in dark gray may represent sealed tombs, often stacked multiple high, or simply alcove ledges, which may or may not have bodies laid upon them.

The large rectangle in the central chamber may represent an altar or sarcophagus, as well as the oval behind it, which might also be a statue.

The large gray square in the furthest chamber may represent an alter or sarcophagus, or perhaps a sealed entrance down to another level or other such fitting feature.

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