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In the Dungeons & Draugr Roleplaying Mod, magic is a force of nature, and a part of the world. There are two main types of magic: ARCANE, which comes from the world and universe around the caster, and DIVINE, which is inspired from above (or below): the realms of gods and demons.

Wizards, sorcerers and bards learn to cast arcane spells, which are typically flashy and powerful, but, often require complex movements and gestures known as components, which are impeded by wearing bulky armor. Clerics, druids, rangers and paladins cast divine spells, which draw their power from a deity, from nature, or simply the caster's inner faith. While the casting of these spells is not impeded by heavy armor, it may require the caster to wear a holy symbol as a focus. A spell may exist in both arcane and divine forms.

Although some races have magical aptitudes, those with elvish blood outshine the others. Magic is governed by the Intelligence and Willpower attributes.

Schools of MagicEdit

There are seven schools of Magic:

Other types of magic include Enchanting, Alchemy, Powers and Active Effects. Each type works in different ways and creates different effects.

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