Bosmer is a playable character race in Dungeons & Draugr Roleplaying Mod

The Bosmer (or Wood Elves, as they are also known) are a race of forest-dwelling Mer native to the province of Valenwood. In their own tongue, the Bosmer refer to themselves as the Boiche, or “Tree-Sap People”, a reference to their pact with the Aedra Y’ffre. Like other elves, the Bosmer were originally from the Summerset Isles; however, the Wood Elves scorned strict and formal lifestyle of their Aldmeri ancestors, choosing to travel to mainland Tamriel and live more carefree and simple lives. Chronologically, the First Era is officially marked as starting when the Bosmer united under the rule of the King Eplear, the first of the Camoran Dynasty. Bosmer are known across Tamriel as competent and deadly bow users; some rumors even claim that the Wood Elves were the first to have invented and used the bow as a weapon.

Despite the high status granted to Auri-El by most of the Merish pantheons, the Bosmer hold Y’ffre in the highest regard. As the first of the Aedra to help stabilize Nirn by becoming an earthbone, Y’ffre helped the Wood Elves maintain their shape during the Dawn Era. The grateful Bosmer accepted his patronage, making an oath known as the Green Pact and vowing to never eat nor harm any vegetation that grew within Valenwood (though other plants outside the province have no such protection). Because of their oath, those Bosmer native to Valenwood (and even some who leave) are carnivorous, even engaging in cannibalism on occasion.


Height: 5'3" male, 5'9" female

Racial Boosts

  • +10 Archery
  • +5 Sneak
  • +5 Lockpicking
  • +5 Pickpocket
  • +5 Light Armor
  • +5 Alchemy


Bosmer have the following racial traits.


According to the Green Pact Bosmer must eat anything they kill. Players with this trait can consume dead animals and people. You receive stamina and magicka regeneration for 8 minutes after consuming your fallen foe.

Disease Resistance (50%)

Characters with this trait have a chance to resist diseases.

Resistance (poison, 25%)

If the character suffers poison damage after armor mitigation, reduce that damage by 25%.

(Racial) Natural Archers

Bosmer receive +10 to Archery due to their early training as a child.

Beast Tongue

Bosmer can speak to, and understand the speech of, animals. May fail if the Bosmer is not familiar with the animal or if the animal is of higher level.

Bosmer Group Roles

  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Druid

Favored classes

  • Ranger
  • Archer
  • Thief
  • Warden

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