Argonian is a player character race in Dungeons & Draugr.


Argonians are a race of reptilian humanoids native to the land of Black Marsh in south-eastern Tamriel. In Jel, their native tongue, Argonians refer to themselves as Saxhleel (meaning “People of the Root”) to show their absolute reverence towards and dependence on a the Hist, a species of sentient trees that share a singular and extremely intelligent mind. The Argonian people owe the entirety of their life, culture and shape to the Hist, as the sap of the trees is a necessary catalyst for the metamorphosis of young Argonians into their humanoid form. Traditionally minded Argonians also believe the Hist is a repository for their souls, reincarnating them after death.

Argonians are naturally suited to the dangerous environment of Black Marsh and are resistant to most diseases and poison. Additionally, Argonians have the ability to breathe indefinitely while underwater, as well as formidable resistance to many kinds of damage courtesy of the Hist. In their homeland, Argonians tend to live in either desolate, scattered villages or within the ruins of great cities of stone, remnants of the Elves and other extinct denizens of the Black Marsh. Given the necessity of the Hist to their lifestyle, most Argonians rarely leave Black Marsh by choice; however, some have been known to aban- don Argonian society and venture out into the wider world as adventurers and hired workers. Unfortunately, others are sometimes forcibly removed from Black Marsh by slavers and sold as cattle across Tamriel.


Height: 6'1" male, 5'9" female

Racial Boosts

  • +10 One-handed
  • +5 Pickpocket
  • +5 Sneak
  • +5 Light Armor
  • +5 Alchemy
  • +5 Lockpicking


Argonians have the following racial traits.

Disease Resistance (75%) 

Characters with this trait have a chance to resist diseases. 

Immunity (poison)

The character is immune to the effects of poison.


The character can breathe water.

(Racial) Inscrutable(In-Development)

Argonians receive a -10 penalty to speech when they interact with non-Argonians.


Unarmed attacks do 10 points of damage and can stack with Fists of Steel perk, which gives an Argonian the upper hand without weapons.

(Note: Before this perk is unlocked, though, the Gloves of the Pugilist can be used to augment hand-to-hand combat.)

Argonian Group Roles

The following Group Roles have the Argonian race as a prerequisite. Other prerequisites will be noted.

  • Rogue
  • Ranger

Favored classes

  • Assassin
  • Thieves
  • Scouts
  • Ambusher

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