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Date Created: 31st January 2008
Status: Complete
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Arachnida Ring of Jumping Level 1+
This pair of silver rings are engraved with pictures of jumping spiders pouncing on their prey. One of the rings can grow or shrink to fit a spider.
Level 1+2360 gpLevel 16+545000 gp
Level 6+31800 gpLevel 21+6225000 gp
Level 11+49000 gp

Item Slot: Spider Mount
Property: This item consists of two rings. Your spider must wear one ring on one leg (it resizes to fit), and you must wear one ring on your hand or on a chord round your neck in order to benefit from the effects of this item. This does not use up a ring slot.
Property: Your spider gains an item bonus to athletics skill checks jump equal to the ring's enhancement bonus.

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